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ARDA Contribution

 ARDA is a 30 year-old Washington, D.C. based industry trade association representing
      the resort industry through lobbying, consumer advocacy and a unique organization
      called ARDA-ROC. Over the past 10 years, ARDA-ROC has worked tirelessly through
      legislation representation to preserve, protect and enhance vacation ownership for you,
      the timeshare owner.

      The concept of ARDA-ROC is simple - owners across the country join together to gain
      collectively what they are unable to achieve on their own. With unity comes strength!
      ARDA-ROC membership is comprised of over 450,000 timeshare owners and the
      organtzation is funded solely through the voluntary contributions of timeshare owners
      and timeshare resorts. These funds are collected by your resort association in conjunction
      with your annual assessment and sent to ARDA-ROC headquarters in Washington, D.C.
      ARDA-ROC revenues are dedicated to engaging attorneys and lobbyists to represent
      timeshare owners in city halls, state legislatures and in our nation's capital. In addition;
      the funds are used to pay for studies and research to support ARDA-ROC's legislative

     For more information, Please visit ARDA