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e-Daily Account Manager Help

Online Account Payment

• Where do I go to pay my fees, once I have created an account?

Once you are logged into the e-Daily Account Manager you are brought to the account summary page. The resort listing and contract number will be displayed in a table in the center of the screen.  As shown below:

Primary Owner Contract Summary

Account Balance: xxx.xx

Resort    Contract No.

Change Password

if you own an additional property or multiple units at the same property then click here to add to your account.

The Contract Number is a link.  Clicking on the link will take you to your contract detail. If payment is required you will be presented with a pay full link.

• Where do I pay for my account maintenance and property tax?

Right here with e-Daily Account Manager!

If you have received an invoice with a contract number and keycode combination you will first need to register your contract before gaining access.   For all customers who have not received a contract number and keycode combination with their invoice application access is not available.

• Can I make partial payments with e-Daily Account Manager
Currently, we are not accepting partial payment through e-Daily Account Manager.  For further assistance with partial payments please contact the accounting department at (954)-561-5866

• Can I make pre-payments?
Yes! Pre-payments are now available through e-Daily Account Manager. Once a balance is paid in full, pre-payments can be made on future billings.

• What happens if i'm in collections? How do I pay?
Unfortunately, access is suspended for any owner who is in collections and the respective collections agency will need to be contacted for payment.

• If I own more than one account, Do I have to pay each contract separately?
Yes, each contract needs to be registered seperately and paid for seperately.

• What form of payment do you accept online?
Currently, e-Daily Account Manager is only accepting Visa and Mastercard.

• Is there a transaction fee for paying online with a credit card?
There is no transaction fee for making a payment online. 

• If I paid for VacationGuard with my dues, what happens next?
VacationGuard will send a confirmation of coverage, along with your actual policy to your email address provided, within 48 hours of the transaction being processed.

• What is ARDA?
ARDA is a 30 year-old Washington, D.C. based industry trade association representing
the resort industry through lobbying, consumer advocacy and a unique organization
called ARDA-ROC. Over the past 10 years, ARDA-ROC has worked tirelessly through
legislation representation to preserve, protect and enhance vacation ownership for you,
the timeshare owner.

The concept of ARDA-ROC is simple - owners across the country join together to gain
collectively what they are unable to achieve on their own. With unity comes strength!
ARDA-ROC membership is comprised of over 450,000 timeshare owners and the
organtzation is funded solely through the voluntary contributions of timeshare owners
and timeshare resorts. These funds are collected by your resort association in conjunction
with your annual assessment and sent to ARDA-ROC headquarters in Washington, D.C.
ARDA-ROC revenues are dedicated to engaging attorneys and lobbyists to represent
timeshare owners in city halls, state legislatures and in our nation's capital. In addition;
the funds are used to pay for studies and research to support ARDA-ROC's legislative

For a complete overview of this organization, visit ARDA.

For more information about this organization, please visit ARDA web site.

• What is the suggested Contribution to ARDA?
Giving the growing popularity of timesharing, we anticipate this legislation activity
accelerating. With this in mind, we are encouraging owners within Owners' Resorts &
Exchange, Inc. to voluntary contribute $5.00 to ARDA-ROC in conjunction with your
annual assessment. In tum, ARDA-ROC will utilize these funds to continue to protect
your investment as a timeshare owner, through legislative research and representation.

• How can I contribute to ARDA?

You can contribute to ARDA:

- By calling Accounting Services at 954-561-5866 between between hours (9-5pm Eastern Time)

- By sending a check in conjunction with your annual assesment to:

P.O Box 350547 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33335.

- By adding the ARDA contribution to your payment and mailing in the return slip with the credit card payment to:

  P.O Box 350547 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33335.

Important Note: We are not receiving any contributions to ARDA through our web payment system. We are working on enabling this in the near future.